What is iolite 4?
iolite v4 is a platform for processing time-resolved mass spectrometry data. Version 4 is a completely new product, built from scratch for excellence in LA-ICP-MS data processing. iolite v4 is focussed on LA-ICP-MS data reduction, although just like previous versions of iolite, it may be useful for any time resolved data processing.
Do I need to buy any other software to be able to run iolite 4?
No. iolite v4 is a self-contained application. There is no need to purchase Igor Pro, or any other third-party software.
Where can I learn more about how to use iolite 4?
We recommend starting out with iolite's webinar series, which covers everything from the basics up in detail: webinars page. If you'd prefer a text based introduction, you can check out our documentation. We also run iolite workshops, usually in conjunction with LA-ICP-MS-related conferences. If you would like to hear about upcoming workshops, as well as any iolite-related news and updates, we recommend joining the iolite mailing list.
Where can I get more details about your security/privacy practices?
More detail on our privacy and security policies will be posted here soon. For the time being, please know that iolite will not share your data/personal information with any third parties without your written consent.
Does iolite offer training courses?
We usually run several iolite workshops throughout the year. We recommend joining the iolite mailing list if you would like to hear about upcoming training events (or email support@iolite-software.com for more info).
Can I use my iolite v3 resources with iolite v4?
Because iolite v4 no longer runs within Igor Pro, you cannot use any DRS files that you have created in iolite v4. You can reuse your iolite v3 reference material files by going to the Tools menu and selecting "Import iolite3 RM file". This will create a new RM file for use with iolite v4.
Can I use my iolite v3 and v4 on the same computer?
Yes, you can. There are no known conflicts between the two applications.
Is iolite v4 compatible with my operating system?
iolite is compatible with versions of Windows >7 (Windows 11 tested and working well), and versions of MacOS >10.10.

Licensing and Activation

What is the difference between Education and Commercial licenses?
Education licenses can only be used by users registered to a degree-granting institution (usually a university). If you are unsure whether you qualify for an Education license, please get in contact via support@iolite-software.com Education licenses are not time limited, but are for iolite v4.x only. That is, iolite v5 (when it is released) will be covered by a separate licence. All other licence types are subscription based. If you are interested in purchasing a multi-year subscription (or "lifetime" subscription) please contact us via the support@iolite-software.com email.
Where can I find your End User License Agreement?
You can download the end-user license agreement (EULA) from this link
How many computers can I install iolite v4 on?
According to the end-user license agreement (EULA), available here, you can install iolite v4 on two computers per license. This is to enable you to, for example, install iolite on your desktop and laptop computers. It is not intended to be a site license. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at support@iolite-software.com
Can I move iolite between computers?
Yes, you can move iolite between computers. When you register your licence key on a computer, iolite records it as an installation on our licence server. If you have already installed iolite twice, you will need to de-register a computer to free up an install on the licence server. You can deregister using the Deregister button in the Licence section in iolite's Preferences. You will need to enter your licence key on the new computer and a new installation will be recorded on the iolite server. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at support@iolite-software.com
How can I purchase a student license?
We offer Student Licenses to those that can prove that they are still students (usually requires a valid student ID card) at a discount. Please contact us at support@iolite-software.com if you are interested in a Student License.
Can I try iolite 4 before buying?
Yes, you can download the iolite installer ( Mac | Windows ) and install it on your computer. It will work as a 14-day trial, after which you can uninstall it, or purchase a license.
Can I extend the trial period?
No. The trial period cannot be extended and cannot be restarted. Please do not start a trial if you are unable to evaluate iolite during the trial period.
Can I update from version 3.x to 4.x? Is it free?
No, iolite v4 is a completely new product and is covered by a separate license agreement, so there is no direct upgrade process. We hope that you'll appreciate that we need to recoup some of the costs expended during the last 3 years of development of iolite v4 (we have no other sources of funding except from sales of iolite). We're also sure that iolite v4 will save you time, effort and stress while ensuring you get the most from your data.
How can I update iolite 4 when a new version is released? Is it free?
All updates to iolite v4 are free and automatic (you should be notified when an update is available unless you have turned this feature off or are not connected to the internet). You can also download installers for the latest version from https://iolite.xyz/download/latest/


How can I buy iolite 4?
You can purchase iolite licenses through this website, or you can contact us to arrange a purchase order or other payment arrangements. Please let us know if you have any questions at support@iolite-software.com.
Is this a secure site for purchases?
Yes. We use SSL certificates for industry standard encryption during your purchase. Please make sure that you see the padlock symbol in your browser to be sure that your details are protected. We do not see any of your credit card details as we use the Stripe payments platform https://stripe.com to process your payments (it's just like PayPal).
What currency are prices listed in?
All prices are listed in United States dollars (USD).

More info

Where can I get more detailed information about how iolite works?
Please see our online documentation for more detailed information about everything from how to get your data into iolite, to guided examples, to detailed descriptions of the iolite user interface.