Our Mission

Iolite has been around for a long time but we realise that there are now a number of new software products available to LA-ICP-MS users. How do you choose? We believe that our key advantages are:

Produced exclusively by a team at the cutting edge of laser ablation research – see below for some of our many contributions to this field

15 years of continued development and improvement

Compatible with almost any laser+ICP-MS system. No need to ‘shoehorn’ your data into someone else’s data format. We do all the hard work for you with carefully crafted importers for a wide range of instruments

It’s not a ‘black box’. Easily visualise your data at any stage in processing from the raw files to the final publication results with appropriate uncertainties, LODs etc.

A wide array of support options and a long history of responding to user requests for new functionality

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Who We Are

Meet the developers that make iolite

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Joe Petrus
iolite Lead Developer

iolite has joined the Elemental Scientific Lasers Team

In October 2021, iolite joined the Elemental Scientific Lasers team

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Combining iolite's data reduction excellence with ESL's hardware expertise and experience to provide the next generation of integrated hardware and software.

iolite's Original Inventors

iolite was originally invented at The University of Melbourne by the following team

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John Hellstrom

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Janet Hergt

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Jon Woodhead

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Chad Paton

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Bence Paul

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Joe Petrus